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Donation to demochecker via PayPal - donation goes to our society ''factbox e.V.''

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Q: What is an account?

A: An account is created by registering at demochecker

Q: Can I delete my account?

A: Yes, any time you want. But be careful, all of Your data will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

Q: What personal data does demochecker store?

A: Demochecker only stores the data the user has given. Username, password and email adress. Read more in our privacy statement.

You can delete Your account any time You want. But be careful, Your account and Your content will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

1. Go to Your personal menu

2. Open Your settings

3. Click 'More Button and Delete'

It's easy to create an account

1. Go to ''create account page''

2. Fill the Form

3. You get an email to approve Your email-adress.

4. Confirm this email by clicking the provided link.

5. Ready to login with Your account credentials.

It's easy to set ''Personal Bookmarks''

1. Open the My Bookmarks Menu

2. Add the page to Your Bookmarks

3. To delete a bookmark click the ''trash icon''

Q: What is s Hotspot?

A: A HotSpot is a problem You want to take care about.

Q: Who creates Hotspots?

A: Hotspots are created by users. 

Q: Who takes care about a HotSpot?

A: People can join Hotspots and taking care about.

Q: What is the SpotsMap?

A: The SpotsMap shows all Hotspots created by users on a Worldmap.

Q: Which Mapdata is used by demochecker?

A: Demochecker only uses opensource Mapping such like OSM (openstreetmap) and others.

Q: What is a Demo?

A: A demo is an event organized by You.

Q: What is the CrowdMap?

A: The CrowdMap shows all logged in Users in the area. Nothing is logged or stored!

Q: Which Mapdata is used by demochecker?

A: Demochecker only uses opensource Mapping such like OSM (openstreetmap) and others.

Q: What content does demochecker store?

A: All content written by users is stored until the author decides to delete.

Q: Can I delete my content?

A: Yes, anytime you want. Content with comments of other users will stay online with anonymized authorship.

Q: What is a Channel?

A: Channels are created by users using in Demos and Hotspots. Up to 5 per entry. 

Q: Who creates Channels?

A: Every becomes a channel. Demochecker uses Channels to categorize Demos and Hotspots.