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Q: What is an account?

A: An account is created by registering at demochecker

Q: Can I delete my account?

A: Yes, any time you want. But be careful, all of Your data will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

Q: What personal data does demochecker store?

A: Demochecker only stores the data the user has given. Username, password and email adress. Read more in our privacy statement.

You can delete Your account any time You want. But be careful, Your account and Your content will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

1. Go to Your personal menu

2. Open Your settings

3. Click 'More Button and Delete'

It's easy to create an account

1. Go to ''create account page''

2. Fill the Form

3. You get an email to approve Your email-adress.

4. Confirm this email by clicking the provided link.

5. Ready to login with Your account credentials.